I won’t stop writing reviews because someone glowered at me – Ikhide Ikheloa

Moonchild's Temple

Few book reviewers have captivated the attention of writers and book lovers like Ikhide R. Ikheloa who used to write for the now rested Next Newspaper from his base in the US has done. He is a way cooler person in real life than his online persona. In this interview I had with him (first published in Sunday Trust newspaper, January 12, 2014) he talked about harsh responses to some of his reviews, why he lives on the Internet and his thoughts about writing and literature on the continent. It’s vintage Ikhide!


Image Ikhide Ikheloa

You have always denied that you are a critic, yet by omission or by design, you are now one of the most influential book reviewers around. How did this happen?

I do find it amusing, a bit exasperating that people mostly see me as a literary critic. I write non-stop and have been published in…

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