Do as I say, not as I do……#Armyarrangement

IMG_20150402_162235Gbe Gbe Gbe……Rararara…Rorororo……Respect to Ebami Eda, Legend. Indeed music is life.

Whether you like or you no like
after you hear dis true talk
if you like e good gehn gehn
if you nor like you hang gehn gehn

The youths who were the spear head of his CHANGE campaign (vis a vis chibok girls, boko haram, immigration recruitment, free rice) and also voted him in, are gazing mesmerized at official pictures as though presidential photographer is indeed the future leadership promised.We don forget say nepa never still bring light (where light de, tariff don increase), water nor de (even for Osinbajo VGC), food nor de (na d fast cause am?). Boko haram still de bomb and our presido never visit the sites, him never still find chibok girls. Dem don see say we nor wan stop to de trek with cattle, so dem allow us trek to congratulate dem, yet dem nor still allow us de run for marathon/decathlon for olympics.

man de suffer e nor fit talk na condition
man de suffer e fit talk na condition too
suffer de africa kpakparapa
condition de kpakparapa
which condition you de i dont know
d condition me I de i know
my condition don reach make i act

Where did our voice go? Is Nigeria lost? Are policy makers and politicans lost? Are professors and civil societies lost? Aren’t individuals lost? Isn’t the president lost? The ruling class constantly think up ways to extort and cause pain to the populace. Yesterday it was voters card, today it is BVN. Biometrics which we have completed for international passports, drivers licenses, national identity cards and even voters card never reach? So tey Bank sef wen we de show all dis document wan do their own biometrics. E nor suppose de surprise us again say na only southern governors nai efcc de pursue. (where governors plenty pass?)

remember if you nor act your own,
one day of course we must die
Nigeria get money, foreign money for overseas
announcement start to happen
newspaper carry dem paper
radio de shout for studio
obasanjo turn vocalist
yaradua rope d manager
heavy government statement 7 billion naira missing
missing from overseas
foreign currency scandal
dem start to arrest everybody
e nor finish e nor finish

El presidente dissolved a board that already stood dissolved with him elected. El presidente gaffed about west germany and president michelle, then went on to complain about age limiting capabilities, while conveniently forgetting to tell us the steps his CHANGE will take all through his first 30 days.He told us he met empty treasury, again forgetting to tell us how much has accrued in 30 days and to what end it is being used, yet has asked all agencies to henceforth start paying revenue into the consolidated revenue account. In all his appointments so far, the north are the majority (aged 65 years and above) not due to merit but strictly towing the line of his forebears in enthroning mediocrity. At this watershed moment, isn’t this cluelessness?
2.8 billion naira oil money is still missing
dem set up enquiry
dem say moni nor loss ooo
dem dabaru everybody
supervisor obasanjo
say make him nor talk ooo
moni nor loss
enquiry come close
election story nko obasanjo plan am well well
d same old politicans wen spoil nigeria before
obasanjo carry all of dem
all of dem de there now

This next administration will not bring anything new cos na paddy paddy government. An army man contested against a civillian who signed a peace pact with another army man. Another army man compared himself to the civilian and emerged with angelic status, while another army man asked for a probe of the civilians tenure. #Armyarrangement.

d young africans get two ears for head
dem de see the things de happen
e de hard dem to hear
few people de fat with big money
me fela i challenge obasanjo
na wayo governmennt we de ooo
egbami ooo
paddy paddy, wayo wayo, economic, add am together
Army arrangement
division or multiplication
Army arrangement
mathematician put am together
Army arrangement
One answer you go get ooo, ARMY ARRANGEMENT.

Anyone asking you to be patient, should remember it would be adulterous to imagine mama peace has joined the APC. Abeg ask Akpos (AY MAKUN) the effect of his 30 days in Atlanta, and you will understand that A LOT can indeed happen in 30 days. NC



It was the last day of Brian’s working stay in Nigeria and he noticed new notifications on his Iphone. It was the Instamessage app which he had downloaded a week earlier informing him that a few users were around the hotel environment.Zemaye was on a trip to lagos, she had an appointment with the doctors for her upcoming surgery and was surprised to get Brian’s hello message on her SOLO phone.In the coming months they added each other on facebook, skyped, called and were talking about making plans. Zemaye’s father was adamant about Brian coming over before he would allow his daughter travel out to go see him. She had no choice and had to abide by her father’s decision even though she was an adult.Brian’s annual leave comes up, and he heads for nigeria. At the airport Brian gets into a cab and is being taken to the hotel when the car is ambushed, and he’s subsequently kidnapped by gun brandishing militias. What should Zemaye do?

Mama’s Anointing……

mama mia

Odemi and Burutuwei have been dating on and off for two years. They are from different tribes however the same state and are students of Delta State University. Burutuwei has complained incessantly about Odemi’s best friend Queeneth who sticks to her like glue.She has been present on almost all dates , except the times she travelled home. Burutuwei’s mother comes visiting unexpectedly and finds Queeneth cooking stew, Odemi is glued to her Ipad, whilst watching Africa Magic. When Burutuwei arrives from football practice, his mother calls him aside and anoints her preferred candidate. What should Burutuwei do?

Cougar Town

cougar town

Ikenna lives in a two bedroom apartment with Tony. Tony is in his thirties, a man about town who has bedded 3 of the neigbours, next door inclusive (a divorcee with two kids, coke and fanta).The divorcee it seems has set her sights on Tony and is not intent on letting go despite having a boyfriend in enugu or so – she has delayed to pump water for both flats for the past 2 months, constantly pestered Tony with questions/conversations (even tapping on his windows) whenever he has female visitors. The one time he told her off, the week after, he found a quit notice pasted outside his door. Reasons given include loud music and late night movements. What should Tony do?