Would You see Rape?


Nnamdi is one of those busy fathers who gets home mostly in the dead of the night, after the rigours of Lagos traffic.On one of the days he comes home early, he comes upon his son Timothy crying in the dark in his room. For days, he refuses to say what is wrong, whilst complaining of pains and aches in an attempt it seems to avoid school. Nnamdi wonders if this silent treatment is because he warned him about being too friendly with Damilola, the neighbours daughter and other female classmates and also went ahead to reduce his allowance.Two weeks later, Timothy’s principal calls with a request for a meeting. In the meeting, Nnamdi is informed that Timothy was raped by a set of older male students, who have been arrested. Timothy says they threatened to kill him with a knife and had been living in fear. What should Nnamdi do?

N:B -Pictures are from Google.

These are the Reasons I Criticise Buhari



Most times a little introspection helps to put things in perspective. After I bantered into the night with some friends on Watsapp and Twitter yesterday following my tweets demanding that Buhari should apologise properly for the atrocities committed when he was the head of a military junta in 1980s, I asked myself why I’m so critical of the man.

This is it: Buhari has, at least a 50 per cent chance (some would argue more) of becoming the next president of Nigeria. This why I believe, unlike most of his supporters, we shouldn’t cut him any slack. This is even more because his past as a military Head of State was far from endearing. I shake my head when I read half-baked attempts at trying to whitewash the atrocities that took place during his regime. The Buhari regime perpetrated industrial scale human rights abuses. Fact. Any attempt to dry-clean it…

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