What you have which you consider useless may be the solution you need.
Enoch Adeboye.

Conversations 4 Change: the national anthem plays out. Once upon a time…. Time Time. In the land of animals, there was a great famine. One eke market day, the animals convened a meeting to find a solution. They all gathered at the market square. The red junglefowl (chickens grandpa) was however seen going in the opposite direction. Red Junglefowl was headed towards the road. His relation, the peacock called him back. Grandpa chicken said he had to scavenge food for his family. He went on to hastily pledge support for any conclusion reached. The meeting ended with an emissary to the oracles. The oracles as usual demanded a blood offering. The emissaries returned,informing the animals on the outcome. At this meeting, again the Red Junglefowl was absent. All the animals gave reasons. Some were superfluous, (fela: mama de for house. i just build new house). All self-serving on how their families couldn’t be sacrifices. Grandpa chicken couldnt argue, he wasn’t there. When they saw him, guess what happened? That’s why the chicken is the first offering among animals.

Moral of the story- Register. Vote. Participate in the civic life of your immediate environment. #votenotfight

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  1. Troy Onyango · August 16, 2015

    Hahaha this was hilarious and informative. Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

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